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  1. steelopus replied to your post: “Skype Call 2 Sylvia was very cheerful this afternoon in spite of the…”:
    chipmunk poop > foot massages

    ily, Steve.

  2. steelopus replied to your post: Look at his eyes!

    He looks like a stoned turtle.

    This is not inaccurate, and yet he’s still so fucking handsome. He exists in his own realm.

  3. Friendship.


  4. Safari has become excruciatingly slow on my computer, so I decided to try Chrome again. In looking through my old bookmarks, I found this, so, probably, my day is made.

    Safari has become excruciatingly slow on my computer, so I decided to try Chrome again. In looking through my old bookmarks, I found this, so, probably, my day is made.

  5. Isn’t that Aaron’s job?

    Aaron is too busy architecting to follow me around all day.

  6. steelopus replied to your post: Look at this rad dress I just bought!

    Awwwwwwwkward… I just bought the same one.

    That’s super embarrassing. Let’s be sure not to both wear them at the next ROFLChester.

  7. Celebrate!


  8. Look who I found!

    Look who I found!

  9. Oh, Steve. I’ve missed you.

  10. steelopus replied to your photo: GPOYW
    You mean “…no… zits.”

    Well, a couple minor ones, but they are easier to cover up!

  11. Nice to see I hit my target audience. I’m just missing Steve.

    Nice to see I hit my target audience. I’m just missing Steve.

  12. steelopus wrote...

    Why exactly has Supernatural, more than any other show in history, had such a dramatic effect on you?

    Ok. This is probably going to be a more serious answer than you were expecting.

    First of all, it falls in a long line of “things I’ve been obsessed with” but maybe just the first in the last few years. I spent a while pretty maniacally obsessed with Dorothy Dunnett. Ask Aaron. It. Was. Intense. The difference was the size of the fandom, which was/is VERY small. In 2001/2002 I could literally tell you every website that had any mention of Dorothy Dunnett. I worked crazy hard to get anyone I could to read it and ended up with only one person who loved it as much as me. I would try to read it out loud to Aaron in the car and his two reactions were “WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? I DON’T UNDERSTAND THE WORDS IN THAT BOOK!” or “Uh, huh, that’s nice,” depending on his mood. It was a trying time for both of us.

    I also spent a fair amount of time watching Buffy and loving Buffy. But I was a new teacher and not really blessed with extra time to devote to being internet crazy about it (though my wordpress blog did have a Buffy reference as a title).

    But, back to Supernatural. First off, it has a lot that appeals to me. As I mentioned in my letsrewatchsupernatural intro, I knew about it before it aired. I THOUGHT I would love it and was prepared to watch it, but given my focus in life at that point (having a toddler) I gave up before I really got started. 

    What does it have that I like? Well, I always love a good dose of the supernatural/horror/fantasy genre. That is from…always. It also has incredibly witty writing similar to Joss Whedon, full of pop culture references that make it fun and the episodes build on each other and begin to reference each other and build up a really rich world of inside information that make the following episodes funnier or more meaningful. I also enjoy a show that uses ‘monsters’ to explore ideas about life (like Buffy). So, on the surface it is about monsters, but underneath it is about family and loyalty and the messy business of living.

    But, what probably caused me to be obsessed with it was timing. I started watching during the lead up to the one year anniversary of my brother’s death. I was feeling disconnected and depressed, but I wasn’t really registering that that was what was going on. I knew on some level that I was sad about the anniversary, but, in typical ‘let’s repress that’ fashion, I just wasn’t dealing with it. So I watched Supernatural. And I watched. The day I watched something like 11 hours, I think I realized something might be wrong with me. Not that I didn’t enjoy it, but the sheer fact that I could do that told me I might be having emotional issues that I was trying to avoid. But, on the other hand, it seemed like a fairly successful coping technique. Sometimes it is any port in a storm. Anyway, the anniversary came and went while I was in the middle of the series. My mood began to lighten when that burden was past. I don’t think it was Supernatural that cheered me up, but it was Supernatural that was my quiet partner during the sad times. It gave me a safe place to go with my brain when my brain didn’t have very nice things to say. And it was still there when my brain started thinking about other things, so the two things are associated for me. I think of Supernatural and I think of pulling out of my pretty serious funk.

    It makes me happy. I like being happy.

  13. Dammit, Steve.

    Dammit, Steve.



  15. I think we’re going to have to be friends-off for, like, 20 or 30 minutes.