Too Much Information

  1. Dungeons & Dragons

    I’ve been wanting to post something about Sylvia’s Dungeons & Dragons class, but I can’t figure out what I want to say. Every time I take her I am filled with this ridiculous pleasure that this is a thing that exists in my town that she can do. 

    She loves it so much. I think she has developed a little bit of a crush on her DM, which is kind of adorable. She always tells me how funny and awesome he is and yesterday she was telling Aaron if he grew it out just a little more it could be more like his.

    I can’t believe the interest! There are 25-30 kids and 5-6 DMs. Dave is the leader and he looks to be about my age and I know who he is because he has been a local librarian for many years and due to him my library has an excellent collection of graphic novels. The other DMs range from late teens to maybe mid twenties. The kids are a total mixed bag. I love that I look at those kids and I see very different kids all coming together to do something they like. The DMs crack me up and I totally admire them. Coming to hang out with kids for 2 hours a week, passing on something they love. 

    There was a fire drill yesterday near the end of the session and Sylvia, as she was shivering with her group said, “We should get xp for standing out here freezing.” They ended up getting it for the more noble reason of walking out in such an orderly way. They also get xp for bringing their own dice to the session.  I like that it isn’t just about in game actions, but about the whole experience.

    D&D has come a long way from when I was young and parents were afraid it was a gateway drug to satanism!