Too Much Information

  1. Why working with kids is fun

    Today, I had the pleasure of actually subbing in a classroom for an hour.

    A 2 1/2 year old, new to the class, had a terrible accident and one hand was completely bandaged up. He was pretty chill about it and told the 5 year old boys, who were inquiring if he still had a hand under the bandages, that his hand had exploded! “Exploded?!?” they asked. “Yes!” He cheerfully told them.

    And that is not even the funny part of the story!

    I notice at some point that he is in the bathroom, pants around his ankles and I think he might need some help.

    "Do you need to go to the bathroom?" I asked helpfully.

    He responded, with the same smile on his face as when he informed the other children that his hand had exploded, “No, I already peed. Now I am touching my penis.”