Too Much Information

  1. In fact, Adam as well as another man are now obsessed with her and can’t get enough of her blobby body….Interestingly, the gorgeous Marnie is the one who is now totally unlucky in love. Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to be smart, breathtakingly beautiful, nice and kind. Not when there are blobbies who are willing to take their clothes off in public constantly - even when they aren’t in character.

    NY Post critic Linda Stasi reviews season 2 of HBO’s “Girls”. And by this she means “can you believe that the girl with a blobby (aka normal non-Hollywood) body can actually get men to pay attention to her, while a perfectly good “breathtakingly beautiful” woman isn’t getting lucky in love? She’s just so… blobby!”

    Isn’t it nice that nuanced entertainment reviews spend so much time on the preposterous notion that someone who looks like Lena Dunham could be attractive to someone. I had wondered how her “sloppy backside” affected her worth as an interesting human being that people want to be with. The backhanded mention of her being the opposite of “anorexic actresses” was a nice touch. It is good to know that Linda Stasi is also asking all the important questions. Thanks for that. But other than that, Linda, how was the show?

    (via halfbakedidea)

    Ugh. I am so tired of this kind of thing. It is the worst sort of sexism: completely unaware how ridiculously sexist it is. The backlash to this show has amazed me. When I finally watched it I couldn’t even figure out why people were being so nuts about it. Except: it features a young woman, who doesn’t fit into a stereotypical beauty mold, making her own decisions, sometimes terrible ones. Oh she’s a woman and not perfect, but also Oh she’s a woman and not evil. There is no room for a flawed, but interesting female character, who also happens not to be a super model. Whatever, person who is opposed to “blobby” bodies. I hope you are happy living in fear that if you gain 20 lbs no one will ever love you.