Too Much Information

  1. ☛ Death and delusion in a nation of assault rifles - CBC News



    I’m sad about what happened last week, but more than that I’m angry. This column puts into words what I’m feeling.

    “The American audience is a giant emotional sponge looking for distraction from its collective gun craziness, and the media obliges, broadcasting endless montages of victims, with somber, hymnal piano music playing underneath.

    After the state medical examiner had finished talking about multiple bullet wounds in each young victim, all inflicted by the same Bushmaster rifle, one reporter asked the man to talk about how much he’d cried — “personally” — while performing the autopsies.

    To repeat: the 20-year-old shooter used a Bushmaster .223 assault rifle, a commercial model of the military M-16, and the reporter wanted to talk about crying.”

    Yes, we’ve got to deal with guns and we’ve got to deal with mental health care, but we need to start by turning off the 24/7 news, rejecting every goddamn reality whore tv show on the air, ignoring celebrity “news” and demanding responsibility from the media instead of rewarding them for catering to the lowest common denominator. 

    I did not watch ONE minute of coverage. Not one. I read enough to know the basics. How much more do I really need to know? I will not support the 24/7 news cycle and its TRAGEDY PORN. It is gross, for reals.

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