Too Much Information

  1. hauntedfolder:

    This was the best halloween, ever. I’ve been working on my costume all month. My aunt and mother were giving out candy, and I would hold perfectly still until a new group of trick or treaters came up, then scare the pants off them when i jump out! People who recognized what we were got extra candy :]

    so much fun. My sister, Katlyn, is the purple Dalek, and her boyfriend, Matt, is the 10th Doctor.

    There were a couple of problems; one, i can’t really see at all through that mask, especially in the dark, and two, the paint i used flaked off my gloves and neck whenever i moved, so those went completely black by the end of the night. oh well.

    I’m going to repaint, then Kate and I are having a photoshoot saturday at the cemetery :]

    There is hope for a new generation to awesome!