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“I have to go my man is home and he doesn’t like it when I talk about threesomes with my girlfriends.” — cirquedurartastic

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I’m so interested in this process. Boarding school seems so arcane in the US but I know many people on the east coast still go (obvs) and it’s something my mom did. She went to a boarding school in Jamaica when she was 8 years old!

When I say we’re sending Sylvia to a boarding school, I think people imagine a very stereotypical vision of “Boarding School,” with uniforms and ties and ACADEMIC PURSUITS. Where she is actually going is so…not that.

Just for a couple examples, the kids get OUT OF CLASS to do certain chores on a rotating basis (with the expectation that they are responsible for finding out what they missed). The school does not employee any janitorial staff. When the school day ends all of the students stay for an additional 30 minutes to clean (and let me tell you, the place is beautiful). We send a set amount as an allowance (so the amount is the same for every child), which the school hands out once a month and the kids are expected to budget that money. If they run out, they do not get more, nor or we to ‘rescue’ them by sending more. (this is excluding large purchases they may need that she would negotiate with us and use her debit card to buy with an adult).

One of the biggest differences is probably the focus on “the microeconomy,” which I don’t have a good elevator speech for, but is described in the handbook as,

In addition to the work necessary for the community to function, students participate in real economic activity as an introduction to economic life. This work serves as a first step towards economic independence as well as allowing them to measure the worth of their activity against an external standard. Montessori termed this developing sense of self-worth “valorization.”

It’s not that academics are not important, it is just that they aren’t valued over other aspects of adolescent development. 

I sometimes worry that I’m building it up and will be crushed if Sylvia doesn’t like it. And that is probably true, but all signs point to it being the right place for Sylvia at the right time.


Awkward Star Trek orgyAs requested by Sam Wise


Awkward Star Trek orgy

As requested by Sam Wise

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1. Yay. 2. Fuck anyone who tries to act like they know you AT ALL but thinks you are doing ANYTHING but what you think is best for Sylvia.

To be honest, people don’t really say rude things, but I feel the, uh, uncertainty coming off them in waves and I stick to the things about the school that I know most people can appreciate. But this new acquaintance told two stories that made me laugh.

1. Someone (the bus that brings some kids in maybe, I can’t remember) hit a deer on the way to school. The animal control people told them they could keep it, so they brought it to school and hung it up on the newly built swing set (that her daughter had helped to build) and taught the kids how to butcher it. I don’t know man, that was amazing to me.

2. She asked her daughter about sleeping in and she replied, “Oh, no, we can’t sleep in [redacted] would hit us with his cane.” Which, especially after having talked to [redacted] today, makes me laugh even harder and which shows what a family they all really are there.

Ladies Night

Turns out I knew 3 of the ladies and was familiar with a 4th, which left only one very nice lady I didn’t know.

1. The host: a very good friend of mine (I taught her daughter and she taught Sylvia) and fellow Montessori teacher

2. My bradley method birth instructor (only a little weird, right?)

3. A former Montessori teacher, whose apartment we, very coincidentally, moved into when we first moved to tkpk 15 years ago.

4. A Montessori trainer (I had never met her, but have heard her lecture), whose daughter went to the FARM SCHOOL for the last 2 years and who just recently moved to tkpk.

It was so nice to talk to her about the school. Very few people have the same goals and attitudes about what I want out of school for Sylvia. She could just be very honest with me and we could talk about the things that make the school unique without worrying about some kind of judgement about it. Her daughter sounds great and I’m bummed she wont be going back this year, because it would be nice for Sylvia to get to know her and then know someone at the school. Alas.

This morning we had a skype call with the school. It was very comforting. We asked a lot of questions. They already sounded like they knew Sylvia (one person had met her when we visited, the other had obviously read her essays) They were super calm and supportive. It helped ease a lot of the anxiety that has been quietly building over the last few weeks. When Sylvia gets back she’ll have a call with them too, which will be nice. 

I’m guessing for the next month and a half this will be a “Sylvia is going to boarding school blog,” so, uh, sorry.


Someday I might be able to articulate my love for Robbie Thompson and Robert Berens, but if I die with that task unfinished scholars should be able to piece it together by using my embarrassingly comprehensive text messages to cirquedurartastic.

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“Considering Lymond, flat now on the bed in wordless communion with the ceiling, Richard spoke. ‘My dear, you are only a boy. You have all your life still before you.’
On the tortoise-shell bed, his brother did not move. But there was no irony for once in his voice when he answered. ‘Oh, yes, I know. The popular question is, For what?’” — QUEENS’ PLAY, book two of the Lymond Chronicles, Dorothy Dunnett (via fuckyeahlymond)

Oh, look, another Lymond quote that makes me want to weep.

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Did you give it up when she got possessed by a demon in a later season?

Just because I lie on the floor wailing and gnashing my teeth, doesn’t mean I’ve given up.


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spoilers already? oh, cause of Con. I’m going to Comic Con on Saturday and will be on the lookout for SN stuff. Their panel isn’t until Sunday but I’ll be vigilant for cast members roaming about! :)

You are an A+ human being.